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oh yes, it's mine.

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I do not seek. I find. - Pablo Picasso

This is my icon journal. Things to know -
-If taking one of my icons, please credit me in the pic info.
-I have used screencaps and brushes by various sources, which I will list below.
-Please do not direct link. Upload to your own sites. :)
-No customizations, unless otherwise noted.
-You may nominate my icons for awards, but I'd prefer if you let me know where you're doing so. ;)
-You may friend me, to check out my icon updates. If looking for my regular journal to friend mutually, go to findmeakor. :)

Awards/Past Icon Posts/Tutorials

Old links to these are in Memories below. Also note that I don't keep track of icon awards anymore. And if you request a tutorial, please realize that I can't do them all; sometimes I don't remember the steps very well, or I just don't have the patience. ;)


I am not taking requests at this time; please do not IM me. Thanks.


whodo christastic _glamourgraphix _ikauns willbelate _taulmaril _twilighticons_ 3am_icons aleatory_6 animatronicons bitter___sweet bloodyhellicons burning_ice byebyeblackbird creatology damned_icons disappearicons freezeburn__ icondesign icons_box kindagetmego__ lucky-puppy.net/ muses_wild newslang_icons nineteen84 ohpaintbrush sidledplant opportune_icons outside_icons paper_designs play_by rcgraphics silent_scream19 swept_off underdark_icons wake_up_naked
If you would like to affiliate, please leave a comment here. :D

Icon Communities I Am In

100x100movies disney_icons ff_icons franz_icons good_losticons goodhplotricons losticons lotricons potc_icons takenote_icons

Brush Credit

blimey_icons teh_indy magenta


cap_it numerocinco teh_indy littrellfans.net Lost-Media.com LotR Library